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Jan 112018

Affordable Doctor On Call

We are so used to modern conveniences provided by personal electronics including the smart phone, it’s often surprising that the same level of convenience isn’t available in more areas of life: like health care, for instance.
We can watch movies, read books, translate from Latin to English and vice versa, ask any question, look up directions and learn how to cook, but when it comes to an upset stomach or the common flu we still get to wait for a doctor’s appointment or worse, waste hours in Urgent Care or emergency room… Unless you’re paying for the services of a concierge doctor, of course.
In an age when ordering custom-tailored clothing Online is a snap, Los Angeles patients are long overdue for a more accommodating health care.

Guess what? The option of having an affordable doctor on call exists. It’s affordable. You’ve GOT to have it! What is it really? Telemedicine, medical help by phone or video call at YOUR schedule! A doctor licensed to practice in California is always available to handle yours and your family’s health concerns quickly from the comfort of your home, work and even while you’re traveling within the United States: any time, day or night by phone or a video call.

Just imagine how many worries could be prevented and false emergencies averted thanks to such a fantastic service!

  • Fussy baby
  • Disabling flu symptoms
  • Sudden indigestion
  • Unidentified pain
  • Child’s unexplained fever
  • Minor injury
  • Unexplained symptoms
  • Allergic reaction
    and a lot more!

THIS is medical help our way and we like it!

Telemedicine isn’t a substitute for regular health care or health insurance but a very helpful complement to them. You can contact a doctor when YOU need a doctor, not when the doctor has the time to see you. The doctor has access to your electronic medical records. Your communications with the doctor are secure and HIPAA-compliant. The doctor will listen to your concerns and address them appropriately. (If necessary, a prescription will be sent to your pharmacy.) Of course, the doctor will advise a further course of action as well.

You must be wondering by now what’s the cost of the medical help by phone. The monthly fee for an individual is $14.95 while the monthly cost for a family / household is $24.95 for UNLIMITED CALLS! (If you act quickly and use this link, you may just get lucky and get a discount, too!)

Telemedicine isn’t health insurance, but as far as I’m concerned having an affordable doctor on call ensures mine – and my family’s – peace of mind 24/7/365 and that’s priceless.