Apr 212015

Seniors are the fastest growing segment of our population. And yet, the concerns of seniors don’t seem to be well understood. A senior is a person of a certain age. Age alone however doesn’t define a person. Just because a […]

Apr 192015

By now everybody has heard about Botox, the miracle injection that instantly erases wrinkles. Yes, we all know that it’s based on a deadly toxin and intended for an entirely different medical use, but having a deadly toxin injected directly […]

Mar 182015

The need for home health services (or just a plain home health) arises under various circumstances. Most often, the need for home health is temporary for as long as the patient recuperates. It may be necessitated by a sudden illness. […]

Aug 082012

Some people maybe confused by the term “ancillary”. In plain English, ancillary medical services are services that support wellness, medical treatment and / or otherwise assist patients. Examples of ancillary medical services are: in-home care or non-emergency medical transportation as […]