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Teeth Cleaning Video


Teeth Cleaning Video
Why have your teeth cleaned? There are some good reasons for teeth cleaning:

  • Regular teeth cleaning prevents gum disease: professional teeth cleaning removes plaque before it becomes hard to remove tartar. The plaque on your teeth fosters bacteria which cause inflammation, gingivitis and eventually lead to periodontal disease.
  • You might say that by preventing periodontal disease, teeth cleaning helps patients keep their teeth longer.
  • Teeth cleaning ensures a brighter smile because it removes external tooth’s stains and yes, the last step in teeth cleaning is polishing. The result? Healthier, brighter, shinier teeth.
  • Even bad breath can be eliminated – or reduced – by regular teeth cleaning.
  • If that’s not enough to convince you of the necessity of teeth cleaning, there’s a growing body of medical evidence that suggests that good oral health can prevent stroke and heart disease!

Watch the video on L.A. Dentists Directory and every six months have your teeth cleaned!