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Descriptions Of Medical Specialties For L.A. Patients



Descriptions of Medical Specialties for L.A. Patients


Looking for a doctor – be it a new family doctor, general practitioner or a specialist – can be a challenge.

As Los Angeles Health Directory grows there will be sections dedicated to various branches of medicine. For now, here are a few brief descriptions of the areas of expertise of some of the most popular medical specialties.

Descriptions of Medical Specialties for L.A. Patients

  • L.A. Internists – basically family doctors and general practitioners – have knowledge of the overall human body and its health. They are allies in your health management and disease prevention. It is only when a doctor finds something unusual or troubling that he or she will refer you to a specialist.
  • L.A. Surgeons are doctors specifically trained to perform various forms of surgery; they have extensive knowledge of achieving health objectives by various (more or less invasive) methods. Be advised that the choice of method is not a matter of the surgeon’s or the patient’s preference but the condition and patient-specific factors.
  • L.A. Plastic Surgeons specialize in corrective, anti-aging and beautifying procedures.
  • L.A. Bariatric Surgeons perform surgeries that help morbidly and severely obese patients lose weight.
  • L.A. Gastroenterologists are experts in the inner workings of the entire digestive tract.
  • L.A. Dermatologists specialize in the care of skin.
  • L.A. Ophthalmologists are eye specialists.
  • L.A. Laryngologists are known also as nose, throat and ear specialists.
  • L.A. Podiatrists take care of feet.
  • L.A. Psychologists – usually not medical doctors – help manage their patients’ mental wellness.
  • L.A. Chiropractors help re-adjust injured or painful bones and muscles without surgery and usually, without medication.
  • L.A. Pediatricians take care of children and adolescents.
  • L.A. Cardiologists are heart health specialists.
  • L.A. Gynecologists take care of women’s reproductive organs.
  • L.A. Urologists specialize in the care of the urinary system, including prostate health.
  • L.A. Oncologists are experts in cancer care.
  • L.A. Psychiatrists tend to mental conditions and mood disorders.