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Oct 262017
Pain Prevention And Pain Relief For Bicyclists

Photo by Boris Stefanik On Unsplash

Bicycling is HOT! Some cycle for fun. Some use a bicycle as an alternate mode of transportation to reduce their contribution to global warming. Most Angelenos caught the fever of CicLAvia. Bicycle sales are going through the roof in Los Angeles and nationwide!

Cycling is good for you: it’s a low impact form of exercise that will help you lose weight, improve your heart health, and more! But – like any other sport – cycling comes with its share of pains and no, I’m not speaking of accidental injuries.

Pain Prevention And Pain Relief For Bicyclists? The best way to prevent and relieve cycling-related pain is with a specialized massage therapy!

According to http://www.Bicycling.com:

“When muscles are stressed, the fibers of the fascia that cover them suffer micro-tears. As they heal, these fibers become stronger, but they also can form scar tissue, called adhesions, which can limit your range of motion and cause discomfort. Deep pressure applied by a therapist to the fascia breaks up these adhesions. You’re left feeling fresh and rejuvenated and ready to tackle the next big climb.

While the research on the health benefits of massage is ongoing, several studies have found that it decreases inflammation and helps with mitochondrial repair, which ultimately helps with recovery —in the long run making us faster, too.”

A specialist in massage therapy for cyclists knows what areas of the cyclist’s body need attention most and how to address them.

You’ll quickly recognize whether your massage therapist is an expert on massage for cyclists by the positions he or she puts you in during the massage: face up and face down are used in most massages; laying you on the side shows your massage therapist’s knowledge of the hip flexors’s needs.

The joint most susceptible to accidental injury while cycling is the knee. In routine (accident-free) cycling all the muscles of the legs (including the glutes!), lower back as well as arms and hands need care. The most recommended type of massage for bicyclists is deep tissue massage which in itself is a workout likely to leave you feeling sore for a couple of days, especially in your glutes and calves. (This is the massage that will help work out all the kinks and knots cycling gave you.) But even the much gentler Swedish massage can do a cyclist’s body good.

If you are a recreational cyclist, a weekly deep tissue massage on the day following cycling will make you feel good.

If you are an occasional cyclist who suffers serious aches and pains on the day after, get a Swedish massage for bicyclists on the day when you are most miserable. It will help relieve soreness, faster. (Some claim that their cycling aches and pains vanish within 90 minutes from a massage!)

If you take part in cycling competitions, you’ll need a deep tissue massage session a week before the competition and a gentle massage on the day before the competition to prepare your body for the challenge. The day following the competition, deep tissue massage will put all your hurting muscles and tissues back in their place and help you recover after a race. (All things being equal, you should be as good as new in a couple of days.)

Wear a helmet, protect your knees, schedule your massage and HAPPY CYCLING!