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Patient Transportation Los Angeles – part of Los Angeles Health Directory – provides information and links to Greater Los Angeles non-emergency medical transportation companies.

There are various reasons why a patient may need medical transportation. The first one is obvious, it’s a medical emergency and you need an ambulance. In situations like this, calling 911 is the only way to go.

But there are others circumstances when a patient may need patient transportation; situations that are non-emergency, when the trip can be planned and scheduled in advance. Most of such situations involve serious medical (or age-related) conditions. Some may not. A patient after extensive plastic surgery – for instance – may need a ride. For these non-emergency situations there is an alternative method of transportation that comes with many of the conveniences of an ambulance at a significantly lower cost.

Here is the general info: patient transportation in Los Angeles is provided to senior citizens and patients in non-emergency situations who need to get to a doctor’s appointment, return home after a medical procedure, or go to a scheduled medical treatment. The passenger of a non-emergency medical transportation is medically stable, but the trip is usually related to a medical treatment.

Among those using patient transportation in Los Angeles most often are: dialysis patients, chemotherapy and radiation therapy patients as well as convalescent homes residents in need of physical therapy and nursing homes residents who need to be taken to and from a hospital or other medical treatment. Similarly, a chronically ill patient may need to be taken to and from a doctor’s appointment. Medically stable patients who – for a number of reasons – need to be moved from one hospital (or facility) to another are also candidates for non-emergency patient transportation.

There are other situations when a patient transportation comes handy. Los Angeles patients who are disabled or infirm due to age, and home-bound recipients of out-patient procedures.

As you can see non-emergency patient transportation has many uses which is why the vehicles used for non emergency medical transportation are fully equipped to accommodate numerous needs.

Most patient transportation vehicles are wheelchair accessible, have lifts or ramps, some have a gurney as well; many are equipped with oxygen. All patient transportation vehicles must have first aid kits, fire extinguishers, heating and air conditioning to ensure the passenger’s comfort and safety. Needless to say, non-emergency patient transportation vehicles have to be in impeccable condition to provide the passenger with comfort and mechanically fit to ensure his or her safety.

Another important reasons for using non-emergency patient transportation in Los Angeles is its cost which is significantly lower, often times half the cost of the same trip by an ambulance. (There is a good reason for the cost discrepancy: an ambulance has to be available on a short notice, and often: immediately. The crew of an ambulance has to be on a stand by to provide life-saving treatments and the driver has to be prepared to speed to a hospital which makes the cost of emergency medical transportation high. On the other hand, non-emergency patient transportation is safer to operate, doesn’t provide medical treatments, and usually operates on a schedule set in advance, all of which lowers operating costs.)

Non-emergency patient transportation in Los Angeles is particularly useful for:

  • dialysis patient transportation in L.A.
  • radiation patient transportation in L.A.
  • chemotherapy patient transportation in L.A.
  • rehabilitation patient transportation in L.A.
  • mental health patient transportation in L.A.
  • as well as other patients, seniors and workers compensation claimants in L.A.

Non-emergency patient transportation is a convenient and economical way to travel for patients who can’t drive themselves and are unable to use public transportation. It comes with amenities to accommodate patients (including patients with mobility issues) but without the high price tag of a 911 ambulance. Patient transportation is often covered by the patient’s insurance, MediCal or Medicare, and in some cases it is paid for by the patient him or herself. Other benefits of patient transportation in Los Angeles are privacy, personalized and caring service, and respect for the patient.

For those of you who have never used patient transportation, this is a video of a non-emergency medical transportation company in Sonoma County. Of course, a patient in Los Angeles area won’t use a provider from Wine Country, BUT this is a terrific video that shows and explains what patient transportation is and how it can be useful to you.

Patient transportation is available to non-emergency patients in Los Angeles County and beyond from a number of non-emergency medical transportation providers.

The vehicles used for non-emergency patient transportation are wheelchair accessible, have wheelchair lifts or ramps, some have a gurney as well; many are equipped with oxygen. All of them have first aid kits, fire extinguishers and – of course – heating and air conditioning. In short, the vehicles are fully-equipped to provide the patient with safety and comfort and the operators are trained to treat their passengers with respect.

The majority of non-emergency medical transportation providers in Los Angeles County and beyond serve patients who need transportation for medical reasons. Some, may provide transportation for other reasons as well. Being limited in mobility due to an illness or age doesn’t diminish person’s needs or wants and that’s why some Los Angeles patient transportation companies will drive their clients to a church, hair stylist, a movie or a social event.

IMPORTANT: not every city in the Greater Los Angeles area has its own patient transportation providers. There are however many non-emergency medical transportation companies that – regardless of their physical location – service ALL of Southern California.