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Apr 212015

Seniors are the fastest growing segment of our population. And yet, the concerns of seniors don’t seem to be well understood. A senior is a person of a certain age. Age alone however doesn’t define a person. Just because a person celebrates a particular birthday – be it 65 or 70 or 80 – doesn’t change the person’s personality, needs, or desires. Neither should the ability to drive.

Some seniors, for one reason or another, don’t drive. The currently available options for transportation for seniors in Los Angeles area in particular are quite pitiful. Our public transportation system doesn’t meet their needs and most seniors – let’s be honest – are quite afraid of taxi cabs. The other existing options are quite restrictive: one needs to accommodate other people’s schedule, be disabled, or conform to rules that allow for a trip to a doctor but forbid a trip to a hair stylist. Already Betty Davis said that “aging is not for sissies”, why add to the burden of aging by not providing adequate transportation for seniors?!

Senior or not, a human being needs to travel to a store, the dry cleaners, beauty shop, to visit family and friends, to see a movie, or go to the beach. Normal human needs of taking care of yourself, buying a gift for a loved one, getting ice cream, being social and having fun don’t seize to exist just because we age. Yes, adult children are usually too busy to chauffeur their elders but it shouldn’t put a stop to the senior’s active life. It’s a shame to say, but there are more options available for patients and the disabled than for able-bodied seniors.

On this page we’ve been asking for a while now: did YOU find transportation for seniors in Los Angeles area that truly caters to seniors needs AND wants? Are the vehicles safe and service satisfying? How are the fees: reasonable? We’ve been trying to find a company that chauffeurs seniors in Greater Los Angeles without restrictions and conditions. A company that will drive a senior any time, any place, at the senior’s convenience. With vehicles available for transportation of able-bodied seniors; vehicles that don’t have superfluous wheelchair lifts and so forth, but are clean and have all the modern conveniences you’d expect. With drivers who are courteous, speak English, are caring and punctual. A company that treats its passengers with respect, picks them up on time, and chauffeurs them in style, every time.

Your feedback didn’t pour in as expected: clearly the demand is here but the supply is meager. We’re still on a lookout for a safe, dependable and comfortable transportation for seniors in Los Angeles and vicinity:

  • transportation for seniors in Beverly Hills,
  • transportation for seniors in Studio City,
  • transportation for seniors in Sherman Oaks,
  • transportation for seniors in Woodland Hills,
  • transportation for seniors in Burbank,
  • transportation for seniors in San Fernando Valley,
  • transportation for seniors in Los Angeles area for any purpose, any time

Here is what so many are looking for:

  • transportation for able-bodied seniors
  • cars that are clean, safe, comfortable and – of course – insured
  • drivers that actually speak English; are well-groomed and polite
  • service that’s available 24 / 7
  • ride that arrives on time
  • short and long distance rides
  • on-going and one-time service
  • weekly or bi-weekly rides that can be scheduled in advance
  • last but not least, help running errands if you’re not in the mood to go out

Some of the patient transportation providers in Los Angeles provide also transportation for seniors. If you have found another  valid Transportation for Seniors in Los Angeles option, let us know!