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Los Angeles Health Directory provides free wellness tools in the belief that awareness precedes prevention and prevention rules.

With that said, please keep in mind that specifically, the health and growth calculators and checkers are NOT custom-made for you (or your child). The results at which you’ll arrive are NOT supposed to be the sole basis of your health management.

When it comes to children, your pediatrician knows best what’s “normal” for your child. Why? No calculator knows your child health’s history. Your pediatrician does.

The health checkers for adults are informative and useful, not perfect. They’ll help raise your awareness and may point you in the right direction, but should not be mistaken for a diagnosis. Only your doctor can give you an informed diagnosis. The checkers and calculators are based on averages and statistics, they are GENERALLY speaking correct. They may – or may not – be precise or apply specifically to your health’s situation.

Long story short, the wellness tools are useful and – some of them –  entertaining but not to be relied on like you would on a physician’s opinion. With that out of the way, TRY THEM!

Nutrition Calculators

The Nutrition Calculators will help you  calculate your daily caloric intake as well as establish the nutritional value of foods.

Health Checkers

The Health Checkers (yes, there are a few) is helpful in several ways.

The LDL Calculator will tell you what’s your normal LDL SHOULD be. It’s good to know, but also once you receive your LDL results from your doctor, it’s good to compare.

Blood Pressure Readings – just like the LDL Calculator – will explain to you what’s normal and how your blood pressure reading compares.

Heart Disease Risk Calculator will help you figure out your risk of developing heart disease. Since heart disease is still the number one killer in the US, knowing your risk will motivate you to take preventative steps, early.

Body Mass Index Calculator will tell you whether you at risk of becoming – or already are – obese. Once again, being aware of a problem will motivate your search for solutions.

Child Growth Calculators

Infant and Child Growth Calculators will give you a general idea of your infant’s or child’s progress and how it compares to the average. (Especially in this case, REMEMBER: the Infant and Child Growth Calculators provide AVERAGES. Your pediatrician’s opinion of your child’s development is much more accurate and reliable!)

Drug Interaction Checker

Since everybody is too busy today, the Drug Interaction Checker is here to give you one more safety net. It’s always better to do too much due diligence: after all, it’s you life!